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We help founders gain access to growth funding

Bridging the Funding Gap between innovation founders and the investment community, can be an almost impossible task. At the Business Shaper Group we help founders gain access to growth funding & offer investors the opportunity to review fully curated and de-risked investments. Our 'Blended Finance' approach de-risks investment opportunities by breaking down the funding requirements to the best funding mechanism such as grants, traditional finance and investments.


We're looking for the next BIG thing.

We've successfully helped organisations get investment ready and worked with them to secure funding for their innovations.

It's very hard work and it doesn't happen overnight... So if you're up for the challenge why not get in touch

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Working with the Business Shaper Group

We help you not to miss a single thing that could be important to potential investors. De-risking any investment is one of the most important aspects of attracting investors and securing any for of funding.
Investment Readiness Profiling

Investment Readiness

Before we start working with any company we need to assess the viability of your business to get funding. This is a test score based on investment readiness.
Bus Plan

Business Planning

We work with you to stress test the business plan and when weak areas are identified, we'll help you strengthen your offer.

Funding Analysis

From the business plan and investment requirement, we will analyse the funding requirements and potential types of funding available and offer advice on how to access these funds.
financing structure

Blended Finance

Most businesses that require funding can de-risk the investment opportunity for investors by considering a blended approach such as asset, trade finance and grants.
Financial modelling

Financial Modelling

Financial modelling and sensitivity analysis to stress test the business projections so that investors can see both up and down sides of the business.
Market Readiness

Gaining Traction

Advice on market and consumer testing your concept, idea or prototype. We have a vast array of clients we have worked with and can and will often make introductions.
Market Research

Market Research

We will help to validate local and global markets, competitors, trade sales, previous trade exits
Investment Decks

Investment Decks

After collating all information we help to build your 'Investment Deck', that will have high impact and stand out from your competitors looking for funding.
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