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About BSGThe Business Shaper Group Ltd


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Shapers are so called because they help shape the future, function and long term sustainability of a company, which creates the foundation for growth. Everyday our Business Shapers help people like you make distinctive, lasting improvements in your personal and business performance, building great companies that attract, develop, and retain exceptional people.

The Directors behind the Business Shaper Group have deeply been entrenched in the Business Troubleshooting world for many years. We are passionate about business, offering in-depth knowledge and experience of the whole business process. In many cases we are the unseen force behind our successful clients..

Over the last 20 years we have experienced and overcome many business problems and have a wealth of ideas.

How did we get here?

During 2008 we brought together a range of consultants to help one of our clients through a substantial period of growth, due to winning a large contract. During that process we facilitated weekly meetings with all concerned to share knowledge and expertise. This not only worked, but resulted in the company concerned increasing staff levels from 34 to 140, productivity up by 126%, new tenders won and 28% increase in a new independant business customer base. It seemed a simple concept so why has it not happened before?

Independent businesses / consultants work in silos, protecting their intellectual property just incase someone else copies what they do and how they do it.... The Business Shaper Group is different as the Shaper's you instruct all work together as a TEAM to meet the road-map objectives of your business.  This not only saved our clients time but ultimately reduced their cost across the business.

Yes it really is that SIMPLE

What the Business Shaper Group does today

flyerShapers come from the key building blocks of an organisation;

  • Business & Management Improvement
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Design

Collectively we've solved some of the trickiest business, marketing and HR challenges for some of the regions most forward thinking companies many of which have achieved the EDP's Future 50. Working together has helped us to ask the right questions, diagnose and understand our clients challenges, devise effective solutions and strategies whilst rolling our sleeves up to provide practical hands-on support at every step of the  journey.

Our mission is to provide unrivalled quality and value for money solutions to help you and your business excel in your industry.  

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