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If you would like Business Shaper Group to review your Investment Readiness and score your potential for funding then get in touch by calling 01953 605521 or email us now.

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Our Shapers play an important role in a Company’s development, working closely with business owners, to not only deploy the strategic tasks required, but also to deliver the business vision.

Shapers come from many disciplines and work both individually or together with clients to meet clearly defined milestones, that ultimately improve the bottom line.

Our Shapers get under the skin of the organisation to offer practical hands-on support. Helping you get to where you want to be, quicker and faster than just advice alone.

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With 4000 business grants in the UK, many of which are not visible or hard to find, it's no wonder that most businesses never claim grants. Business Grants come in all shapes and sizes and for all business types. Getting grants to support new products or invest in new equipment could see you reducing your investment costs by 20% - 70%. Business Grants can also support and part pay for costs incurred during the engagement of any of our Shaper's.Regional Growth Funds both local and nationally support job creation : R&D Grants support development of new products, technology or services : Low Carbon help support a lower consumption of energy in the business.If you have a project that you would like to discuss or are about to make an investment in your business, then talking to BSG first about possible grants could be just the step needed to reducing your costs.


Business Shaper Group help develop winning pitches for grant applications. We're fundamentally a research and bid writing service, however our close links with Grant Providers, means that we fully understand the selection process, criteria, work programme delivery and approval process, as well as how crucial the preparation of the financials are to a winning bid.Our clients, have received over £2m in Grant aid, invested £15m in to their businesses and committed to 288 new employees. We're currently working on £2.4m in applications (Oct 2014) with a submission cycle of approximately 4 weeks. It's free to talk, so why not get in touch.

CALL: 01953 605521

Our clients trust us, many are now personal friends, and we work very hard to get you Grants that help develop and expand your business. Sometimes even fighting your corner with the approval bodies.

The disciplines we use are hard won from our work as management and marketing consultants. So we understand if a project is achievable, and if it's not, how to develop a solution that makes it successful. If we see the issues so will the approval panels.

BSG also maximise the Grant value, seeing approx 3 - 5 times higher returns... because we don't miss any cost that could be applicable to the application..

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