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Grant ShaperMaximising and Improving Grant Application Success


Are you a Business looking to grow your company or invest in Research and Development of a product, technology or service?

Then our Grant Shaper, a professional and knowledgeable Assessor of Business Grants is able to help you navigate you and your business to applying for billions of £ of Grants. When a Business first starts looking at Grants, it may come across as a very complex procedure. Business Grants range from small sums of money too much more substantial figures, coming from a variation of financial organisations for different sized businesses.

At Business Shaper Group we have a dedicated team to help you gain access to grants. We know that expanding your Business can be a stressful and time-consuming process, that’s why we are here to help you. Business Shaper Group has a 99.993% success rate, giving your Business a very high chance of securing the funding you deserve. We have all the resources and connections necessary to help, whether you’re a start-up company looking for small Business Grants or capital investment.

Many small Business owners don’t realise what Grants are available out there, and often don’t know that they can gain access in the first place. Business Shaper Group has its own private research team, whose sole purpose to help Businesses gain access to Grants and unravel the complex terminology associated with government and public sector bids. Business Shaper Group’s main aim is to provide the best knowledge and advice to businesses around the UK. We strive in working our absolute hardest to gain Grants for Businesses and we independently research thousands of Grants to find what is best for your Business.

The Business Shaper Group has invested heavily since 2013 in building the knowledge and information needed by small Businesses to successfully gain access to grant's and funding. BSG can often save you weeks of your time, telling you exactly what is relevant to your Business rather than you doing the research yourself. Millions of pounds of UK government money is given out yearly, however most Business owners have no idea that this funding exists or how to access it.